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Pop Roc

This month’s pick for store of the month was a no brainer for three simple reasons: Comics, Coffee, and Cereal. That’s right!

Pop Roc is located in Rochester N.Y. and is co-owned by Colin Delaney, Jason Hilton, and Nick Andolina.

  All of the hottest weekly comic book titles are available and the coffees are from local brewers. The cereal bar has a variety of fan favorites and some of the décor for shop comes from co-owner Jason Hilton’s own collection of toys and pop culture.

If all of that isn’t  amazing enough?

  Pop Roc offers a “Comic Discovery Program”,  this allows members to explore 20 new titles every week that can be read for free while hanging out the store. The membership is $20.00 a month and worth every penny! What a fantastic way to introduce readers to different titles!

               4.25 / 5

Pop Roc

337 East Ave, Rochester, New York 14604

Phone # 585-310-2423

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @PopRocCulture

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